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For every friend you invite to sign up and complete the trading tasks, you will receive lucky coins!

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1. In the Fortune Wheel promotion, you can get 1 spin by completing each of the following tasks: i) share the promotion, ii) invite your friends to sign up, iii) have your friend reach a net deposit of more than USDT and maintain the amount of more than USDT for days, iv) have your friend reach a trading volume of more than . You can accumulate up to 5 spins per round through the first three methods and get 1 spin every time your friends complete the trading task.

2. Deposit task: Your friend needs to reach a net deposit of more than USDT and maintains the deposit amount of USDT for days.

3. Trading task: After completing the deposit task, your friend needs to reach a trading volume of more than for you to get one lucky draw spin. Note: The new user you invite must finish the deposit task and followed by the trading task before you get another spin.

4. Supported deposit methods include on-chain deposit, fiat deposit, card deposit, P2P trading, and third-party payments. Internal transfers and Pop Grabs won't be accepted.

5. The lucky draw details can be reviewed in My History. You will receive a random number of lucky coins every time you spin the Prize Wheel. Once you have accumulated 100 coins, you will get .

6. Rewards will be distributed in the form of crypto vouchers. All rewards will be credited to users' accounts within 3 working days after approval.

7. When your friends sign up on Bitget, they will receive a 1000 USDT welcome gift.

8. During reward distribution, the system will automatically verify whether both parties (inviter and invitee) have affiliate status. If an affiliate status is detected, the reward will not be distributed to prevent overlap with affiliate program rebates. Additionally, please note that sub-accounts cannot be used as independent accounts for participating in promotions, and their data will not be consolidated with the main account.

9. Each promotion lasts for days, and the total number of spins and lucky coins for this round will be reset once the countdown ends.

10. You can only participate in one invite promotion at a time. If you have already participated in the Assist2Earn or Invite Friends promotion, or CandyBomb promotion with referral pools, the invitation data from those promotions will not be counted for this one, and you will not receive the corresponding rewards.

11. Users participating in this promotion are deemed to have thoroughly read and understood the rules and are voluntarily agreeing to abide by them. Bitget reserves the right to flag your account for suspicious activity and impose appropriate penalties if you are found to have participated in this promotion by any malicious means, including but not limited to money laundering, fraudulent trading, and malicious cashing out.

12. Bitget will conduct a thorough review of all users and promptly disqualify those who use any technical means, including but not limited to electronic, robotic, repetitive, or automated methods, for the purpose of automated or repeated registration. Such disqualification will apply even if users engage in malicious means for only part of their registration or participation.

13. Refer a Friend will not include the trading volume of stablecoin trading pairs for calculation purposes.